Fibonacci Trading Institute – Fibonacci and Price Action Method

The Fibonacci Trading Institute has been instrumental in providing Fibonacci Trading Strategies to traders of all levels, from beginner trader through to Hedge Fund trader – with the help of its Price Action and Fibonacci rule based method. Proper guidance provides accurate calculation of measurable metrics, which in turn enables the traders to get clear statistical data. This way, they are able to take care of trade risk and trade management in an efficient manner. So what is so special about the teaching methods of the Fibonacci Trading Institute?


The Mastery course

Fibonacci Trading Institute, founded by Alla Peters, teaches traders proprietary Fibonacci strategies that are applicable to any instrument, any timeframe and can be traded on any platform.  The course itself provides strict trading guidelines which removes any trader discretion and a concrete set of rules to trade by. Fibonacci Trading Institute provides education on Fibonacci Trading strategies to all types of traders, from beginner through Hedge Fund Trader. The course is applicable to Day, Position & Option Traders, Forex Traders and Stock Traders.

What the course includes?

The Fibonacci Trading Institute provides:

  • Live Online classes: To teach the Fibonacci Method using Price Action for Entry and Fibonacci for exit.
  • Daily trading room: To help the traders learn the Fibonacci Trading Method and to see the ease, accuracy and consistency of the method.
  • Online modules: Available for access 24/7
  • Fibonacci strategies: Emphasize the clear and concise methodology which can be traded on any timeframe and any market.
  • Proprietary Fibonacci tool: That can be installed on any platform with basic charting facilities
  • Trading Psychology: Addressed throughout the course
  • Group course: 8-week duration
  • Private mentoring: 16-week duration, led by private instruction and Group Session access

Fibonacci Trading Room

The Fibonacci Trading Institute sends out invitations for guests to join the Fibonacci Trading Room on a weekly basis. The Trading Room demonstrates the accuracy of the Fibonacci Method in the live markets and on various time frames. The Fibonacci Method is part of the Fibonacci Mastery course offered by the Fibonacci Trading Institute since 2011.

Fibonacci Trading Institute offers the Fibonacci Mastery Course to traders in the USA and from abroad and to all levels of trader. The live online classes in the Trading room provide the perfect environment to learn Price Action trading in combination with the accuracy of Fibonacci.


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